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Ensure Your Drains Are Doing Their Job

If water isn’t flowing in your home or business, that is the sign of a serious problem that will only get worse if not remedied.

Let the professionals at Sewer Solutions analyze the situation. We can open up drains, remove clogs, and eliminate obstructions promptly and effectively.

Apply Regular Maintenance to Avoid Future Problems


Your drains deal with a lot on a daily basis, including soap, grease, dirt, hair, and whatnot. Regular maintenance from Sewer Solutions will keep them operating correctly and the wastewater draining away.

Give us a call today at 808-430-2323 and let us handle any drainage problems you have.

What our clients say

“Fantastic service. All three bathrooms’ toilets and tubs started overflowing. I was in the mainland at the time and they were able to get there an hour after I called on a SATURDAY and figured out quickly that there were tree roots growing in a portion of the sewer line that was connected with plastic piping (Not my doing btw). Shawn kept me in the loop by texting me updates with pics! Everything was done in about an hour and a half. Great job!”

Kim E., Yelp

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